Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Misappropriation of Hip Hop Book By DJ Fingers of The Sindecut *OUT NOW*

"The Misappropriation Of Hip-Hop" is a new book by legendary UK Hip-Hop DJ & Producer Karl Gibson AKA DJ Fingers of the Sindecut. All Illustrations are by The Kool Skool's Shucks One ID

This book is intended to find answers to a question that has persistently recurred in the conversations of Hip-Hop aficionados. That is, whether Hip-Hop has been misappropriated.

Ying Yang Detail by Shucks One ID

Recommended price £10.95
Avaliable from Amazon:

It can also be ordered from your local bookshop simply ask for:
Title- The Misappropriation of Hip-Hop ISBN:978-0956311801
Author- Karl Gibson A.K.A Dj Fingers

In Praise of The Misappropriation of Hip-Hop:
"Karl Gibson has captured the very essence of the meaning of Hip-Hop in this long awaited but extremely refreshing book...."

Video Music: "Wrecks" by DJ Fingers of The Sindecut available on Mural Music

The author is available for interviews and in depth lecture appearances, please leave a message with your details if you are interested.

This is a independent Universal Zulu Nation affiliated Hip-Hop publishing, please support this book!

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