Friday, 20 April 2012

The Kool Skool interviews DJ Rob Swift, member of the X-Men, X-Ecutioners, Recording Artist & Akinyele’s DJ

Queens New York representer DJ Rob Swift was a second generation member of the legendary “X-Men DJ’s”. The X-men took their name from the band of Mutant super heroes, in response to the original DJ Clark Kent and his Superman DJ’s, who dominated the New Music Seminar in the late 80’s. According to Dr. Butcher, the X-men consisted of Rob-Swift, [1994/95 DMC US & World Champion] Roc-Raida R.I.P., [1990 N.M.S. Superman DJ Champion] Steve-D, [1995 DMC East Coast Champion and Common Sense’s DJ] Mister Sinista, [EPMD’s original DJ] Diamond-J, Total Eclipse, Johnny-Cash and Fatman-Scoop. The group revolutionized Hip-Hop DJing and Turntablism at its early 90’s turning point, as Hip-Hop MC’s focused on themselves, and a new wave of up and coming Turntablists were changing the scenery.

Read the full interview HERE

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